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About Us

Vizuara is an Indian EdTech organization, formed at MIT, USA. The founding team is alumni from MIT
(USA) and Purdue University (USA), also gold medalists from IIT Madras. At Vizuara, we believe that if
science is taught in a highly visual and immersive way, students can truly appreciate its beauty. Through
the power of hyper-realistic 3D models, highly engaging virtual labs and immersive 3D videos: Vizuara
aims to transform teachers into super teachers and students into better learners. Through these high
quality, state of the art virtual labs, we bring out the hidden potential in students and nurture them to be
future scientists


Dr. Raj Dandekar. IIT Madras BTech, MIT PhD

Dr. Rajat Dandekar. IIT Madras MTech, Purdue PhD

Dr. Sreedath Panat. IIT Madras BTech, MIT PhD

Virtual Labs

Step into the future of learning with our virtual labs. We bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering an interactive and realistic environment where students, researchers, and enthusiasts can explore, experiment, and learn.

3D Animated Videos

Immerse yourself in a world where stories come to life in three dimensions. Our 3D animated videos are not just visually stunning; they are a testament to the seamless blend of technology and artistry.

Digital Content

Dive into a vast digital universe curated just for you. Our digital content spans a myriad of subjects and interests, from educational resources to entertainment experiences.